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About Simple VPN Software

We have made sure that the Simple VPN software is simple and very easy to use. Download the software for your platform, (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire TV, AppleTV) enter your username and password, select a server (or use the default), click the Connect button. You can just leave it running as there are no usage limits. Everyone has unlimited data transfer, no matter which pass or subscription you have. Click the Disconnect button when finished, if you want. Simple.

For most people the software will work out-of-the-box. You can look at the options which will allow you to change certain connection settings.

You can use the SimpleVPN branded software with our service. If you prefer, we support connections from most OpenVPN software clients. You can also use the built-in generic software found in most devices and computers. So however you want to connect, you can.

Simple VPN Software with kill switch

We have provided the Android versions so you can install on certain devices or side load on to other devices. If you don’t know what that is or how to do it then best just use the Play Store or Amazon Store to install on your device.

Download the current version here

Click to download:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android (direct download)
  4. Android TV (direct download)
  5. Google Play Store – Tablets and Phones
  6. Google Play Store – Android TVs (Coming soon)
  7. Amazon App Store – Fire TV
  8. Amazon App Store – Tablets and Phones
  9. Apple App Store
  10. Linux (Ubuntu) (Coming Soon)

The server side software takes care of your connection, connecting you to the best server in that location. Your store account is only responsible for creating and the deleting the account on the VPN servers. The VPN servers themselves do not record or log anything. You can connect to any of our 42 locations, using any of the methods above, or any of the other supported connection methods. You can also connect up to 5 of your devices with your account at the same time. Connect your router and allow all your devices to connect through your account.

Kill Switch

You can switch the kill switch on or off on supported devices. By default the Kill Switch is on. If your VPN connection fails for any reason, it will prevent your traffic from continuing to the internet. You can also set your computer to bypass the VPN for local access such as to printers etc.

More About Simple VPN Software

Other setting are available as well, most of which should not be touched unless you know what you are doing. Such as which protocol to use TCP or UDP. Start-up action and automatic updates.

More information can be found on the settings in the FAQs. If you contact support then we may suggest you make changes to these screens to fix a specific problem, such as changing the MTU value. Automatic is the best option.

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