Simple Easy to use secure VPN

About Simple VPN

We developed Simple VPN to be exactly that, simple. It is simple to use but effective at what it does. Keeps you safe and secure while you browse the internet, while maintaining your privacy.

Hide your current location and appear to be somewhere else, any of our other 42 worldwide locations. Protect up to 5 devices with one account. Keep them connected all the time as there are no limits. We don’t log your usage. You can also use SimpleVPN on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux due to be released soon. Fast connections so that you can use SimpleVPN for streaming. We also support P2P and torrents.

It has plenty of options for you to tinker with but the default is set to just work for everyone. This makes it easy for everyone to use no matter how technically inept you are.

You can get started very quickly. Signup for a store account and purchase your choice of pass or subscription. Passes run for 1 day, 3 days or 7 days and Subscriptions allow you to save money by buying time in bulk. Monthly, quarterly, half yearly (semi-annually) or yearly (annually).

This is all about Simple VPN. Easy to use for everyone.

More about Simple VPN

We can talk all day about Simple VPN, the struggle is to not bore you with all the technical talk. At the end of the day that can be pretty boring, especially if you are not technical. We have made it very simple and easy to use for you, the end user. Install it, put your username and password in and click connect. There really is not much more than that for most people. The exciting stuff happens behind the scenes and you never get to see it. To us though that’s were all the exciting stuff is.

What else can we say

We don’t want to talk for the sake of talking so if you want more then checkout the page about the software to find out more.

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