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Want to know about us? We have been helping people to get a secure VPN connection to their work places for around 20 years. We know a thing or two about VPNs. So we decided it was about time to make a VPN that everyone can use no matter how much technical know-how you have. We have made VPN simple. It is great for home or business. Just download the app on to your computer, tablet, phone or TV device. Add your username and password and then click connect.

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More about us

We have digressed in to our Simple VPN service again as we are just so excited with it and our new website.

Unfortunately there isn’t too much to tell you about us. We enjoy what we do and have come from different backgrounds. We have technical as well as customer service backgrounds. So while we can provide you with a top notch technical service we can also provide excellent customer service.

We are working hard to improve our systems. We believe in privacy and security. Business practices and laws mean make that difficult. We have to know who you are but we don’t have to see your traffic. For our business purposes we keep records but we do NOT keep records of your past usernames and we do not keep server logs. That doesn’t mean that we agree with breaking the law. At the same time we do agree with privacy and not feeling like you are being watched all the time. Which is exactly what ISPs are obliged to do these days.

Get your day pass or subscription to Simple VPN Online and secure yourself from snoopers of all sorts. Everyone is watching you if you don’t.

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