Control your use of Simple VPN. Change your Usernames and passwords

You are in control

How can you have control over your VPN? Depending on your level of paranoia you can use your Simple VPN account in many ways. If you are super paranoid then you can sign up for a day pass, enter a username and password and then it is burned after 1 day. Repeat the process as often as you like.

On the less paranoid side; sign up for an annual pass and control how much money you save. We have subscription levels in the middle also, choose from monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly subscriptions. Get the same great service no matter what billing period you choose. Cancel any time before your next renewal.

You control your subscription start and stop as you like. Need multiple subscriptions? No problem, have as many active subscriptions as you like. Each with their own username and password. Remember that you can have up to 5 devices connected at the same time from each subscription or pass.

The same support for all

Support is the same no matter if you have a 1 day pass or the annual subscription. We have made several options available such as passes that range from 1 day to 1 week. Reoccurring subscriptions from monthly to annually. This gives you the control you want.

Simple VPN is there for you to use. You control how you use it.
Protect your online usage.

Take control of your data

We have put a lot of effort in to giving you as much control as we can over you VPN connection. Your data is your responsibility on the internet. We help you to protect that data. Your ISP, the government hackers and companies are after it. They will use it in different ways but it is at risk form them all.

Your ISP and social media companies want to see what you are doing so they can sell that data to others. They make large profits from your data and usage statistics. The government want to monitor what you are doing because they like to have control.

Hackers will use your data to get money out of you or those that you know or to extort other people that you don’t know. You need to protect yourself so that you can also protect everyone else. Don’t let your computer or online accounts be used to hurt others.

We don’t monitor or log anything so we have nothing to sell to others. We don’t agree with selling peoples data.

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Get your Simple VPN account and control your data online.

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