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Simple VPN Launches FREE One-Click software

We have launched our Simple VPN one-click software solution to help those that find technology confusing or difficult. It is simple to use and secure and keeps your privacy whilst you surf the web. If you are more a techy person then don’t despair. You can access some of the more technical features. You can even use your own/generic software to connect to our servers with your account. There is something for everyone.

Kill Switch

Our software comes with a ‘Kill Switch’ that will stop all traffic if the VPN connection fails for any reason and a by-pass for any local traffic such as printer. So you can switch it on and forget about it. Just leave it running all the time. Seriously, use it all the time!

Your favourite/generic software

You can use your own software if it makes you feel better. We provide you the details in your account to connect using the built-in OS VPN software. Windows, Mac computers and iPhones and iPads have native software. You can make it work on Android devices with generic software too. So if you have your own software that you know and trust, then you can use it with our servers.

VPN keeps you secure online

Our One Click software works on Amazon Fire TV Sticks and other Android based TV devices. You can then watch TV from other regions.

We also allow you to connect up to 5 devices at any one time. That means that you can have your phone, tablet, computer, Fire TV stick and Netflix connected to your VPN account at the same time. We do not put any restrictions on what you can use it for and is very useful for P2P or torrents as well.

A note from the Legal Team:

Remember; If it is illigal when you are not using a VPN, then it is still illigal when you are using one.

The Legal Team


If you want to get your Simple VPN account but are worried about setting up and using it. Don’t worry. Everyone get the same when they signup. The only thing you have to choose is what billing period you want. You can choose between Monthly, Quarterly, 6 monthly or annually. We also do 1 Day, 3 day and 7 day passes. You can try it out. You get the same level of support no matter what you pay for. Unlike some other VPN providers we believe that security and privacy should be available to everyone.

Read more about Simple VPN and how you are in control.

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