CritchCorp Computers Ltd takes over SimpleVPN.Online

CritchCorp Computers Ltd Takes Over

It is with great pleasure that we announce that SimpleVPN.Online is now wholly owned by CritchCorp Computers Ltd.

Moving forward we will bring the brand under our banners. For the moment the SimpleVPN.Online website will continue as it is but with immediate effect the store an all accounts have now been migrated to CritchCorp Computers Ltd shop.

Existing customers will not be affected by the changes except that the store links will now be different.

The main links on the site have already been updated and clients should use the new links immediately. If you have any old links you should get the new ones from the site. For account and billing you should now go to

NB: Your VPN services will remain the same as they are now.

Who is CritchCorp Computers Ltd?

CritchCorp Computers Ltd has been in the computer industry for over 15 year. They have a wealth of experience in VPNs as well as other parts of the industry. They have also announced an immediate price drop for the whole range of VPN products and will apply this to existing clients as well. Furthermore, they plan an extensive audit of the VPN servers to ensure they meet their standards, not because they think anything isn’t as it should be, just to be sure.

A quote from the Managing Director of CritchCorp Computers Ltd,

“VPN services are a very important part of using the internet. They help to protect ordinary users from malicious hackers trying to steal their data while on the internet. It is our job to ensure that users are kept safe,  while online and that their privacy is protected. We don’t believe in keeping logs of any sort on the servers. We believe in a free and open internet, but one that is also safe for everyone to use.”