Simple VPN – Simple, Secure & Private

We love Simple solutions to complicated problems. We also love Security and Privacy. So we came up with Simple VPN. It works out of the box. You can use Simple VPN in a matter of minutes. Just sign up for your choice of billing with Passes and subscriptions to choose from. Install the software. Enter your username and password. Click Connect and you’re done. Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any options only that you don’t need to spend time setting everything up before you get going. If you want to delve in to the options then you can. They are easily laid out for you and work instantly.

Simple VPN protects you from hackers. Protect everyone by protecting yourself.
Keep everyone safe

It does what it says on the tin. It works on everything for everyone no matter where you are. If you are in more of difficult location, one that attempts to block VPN perhaps, then you can use one of the many methods to connect.

In some places VPN software can be blocked. That is why we have given you even more ways to connect. You can even use standard web ports such as 80 and 443 to connect. These are the standard webpage ports. We have so many locations and servers that they are generally not all blocked, in fact at the time of writing we have no blocked servers at all. Use our one-click software, your own or generic software to connect.

Watch Netflix or other TV with Simple VPN

Want to watch Netflix in the USA from the UK – No Problem. Netflix don’t have a problem with you connecting to their service in a different location. They don’t want to support it though. This is because most VPNs make it unwatchable. They can cause problems like starting and stopping all the time and other connection issues. Our Service works with Netflix, torrents & P2P services. (Please note that not all TV providers are keen for you to use a VPN to use their services.)

Simple VPN keeps you secure and safe from hackers and other attacks that can be perpetrated on your connection by local hackers, Governments and even your ISP. Your ISP in most countries is either watching you for the government or for their own profit or both.

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